Brainstorms, coming soon!

Filmed and produced in 2021, Brainstorms is an experiential short film that gives the audience a glimpse of what it is like to live with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). The film, based off the book Turn the Lights On! by Chrisanne Gordon, MD and written and directed by Julie Pacino of Tiny Apples, follows a veteran who receives a concussive blast during a tour of duty and then assimilates back into civilian life with his new invisible injury.

Until the film can officially premiere, enjoy these behind the scene photos from the making of Brainstorms. Check back for updates on Brainstorms in the film festival circuit!


Operation Resurrection

“Operation Resurrection” is a documentary dedicated to defining and promoting coordinated solutions to the health, education, and employment issues our Iraq (OIF-Operation Iraqi Freedom) and Afghanistan (OEF-Operation Enduring Freedom) veterans face when they return home.

Operation Resurrection highlights the lives of several veterans who have returned and demonstrates the strategies utilized for successful reintegration. Solutions to health, education, and employment will be discussed with a highly skilled team of experts, several of whom are volunteering their own time, trying new programs to help these struggling heroes find health, education, and employment. The documentary demonstrates how The Department of Defense, The Veterans Administration, and civilian health care facilities must share technology, data, and patients, for the healing to occur on a large scale. With the healing of each veteran comes an improved strength to the family, the community, the nation, and the world.

To view the documentary please click on the picture, or Please Click Here

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