DVBIC’s A Head for the Future: resources outlining prevention and recovery from TBI

Stories can deliver powerful messages. Witness the video stories of our own RLF ambassadors Wendell Guillermo and Christopher Lawrence, or of Amanda Burrill or Luis Carlos Montalván or Bradley Lee – veterans all, and all afflicted with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Their brief but impactful stories talk about the pain and difficulty of finding diagnosis, and also of the hope and power of recovery. The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center’s (DVBIC) A Head for the Future website is a treasure trove of these inspiring stories.

A Head for the Future, launched in 2018, is DVBIC’s outreach campaign, providing to the military community some rich resources focused on TBI prevention, recognition, and recovery. DVBIC is a branch of the US Military Health System and functions as the Department of Defense’s center of excellence for TBI. Their mission: promote state-of-the-science care from point-of-injury to reintegration for service members, veterans, and their families to prevent and mitigate consequences of mild to severe TBI.

DVBIC manages care and support for veterans and family members at 22 different medical centers. But their newest venture, A Head for the Future, can reach the military – and non-military – community across the internet.

In addition to many inspiring video stories from veteran TBI champions, the site also concisely discusses how to recognize signs of a TBI and summarizes approaches to treatment and recovery. But perhaps most importantly, it reminds us of some very basic ways to prevent head injuries in non-combat situations through some brief video and print resources. Sign up for A Head for the Future’s newsletter.

TBI is all too common around the world. In addition to those who suffer from TBI because of combat-related incidents, in the US there are another 2.8 million TBI-related hospital visits annually. March is National TBI Awareness month, and this year March 13 will be marked as Brain Injury Awareness Day on Capitol Hill, featuring awareness events and a congressional briefing.

Resurrecting Lives Foundation salutes the work of DVBIC’s A Head for the Future team.

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