From the Board: Seth Freshly

Captain Seth Freshly, Ohio Army National Guard, and IT Supervisor at Cardinal Health, joined the RLF Board of Directors in November 2018, taking on the role of Treasurer. In 2014, Seth left active duty and relocated his family to the Columbus, Ohio area.  Captain Freshly has earned numerous awards, including the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, and the Meritorious Service Medal.At Cardinal, Seth has managed teams to deliver projects and manage IT assets. He volunteers with the Cardinal Health Veterans and Military Advocates employee resource group and has worked on hiring, retention, and recognition initiatives within the group. Prior to Cardinal, he was an IT project manager at Fast Switch, Ltd.As Army National Guard Captain, Seth was Battery Commander for Alpha Battery, a field unit of over 100 soldiers based in Delaware, Ohio. His unit, Alpha Battery, participated in the Republican National Convention in July 2016 and in Operation Northern Strike in August 2017. He is currently serving at the Joint Force Headquarters as a guard emergency liaison officer.

I grew up in Northeast Ohio with my older brother and parents. I knew I wanted to serve from a young age, due to the fascination towards adventure, machinery, and might that the military exudes. While in my sophomore year at high school, the attacks on September 11, 2001 marked the moment I sealed my decision to join the military.

After high school, I attended the United States Military Academy Preparatory School in Fort Monmouth, NJ from 2004-2005. Following that I earned a nomination to the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY from 2005-2009. There I studied International Law and competed on the pistol team.

After branching field artillery I selected an assignment at Fort Polk, Louisiana with 4th Brigade, 10th Mountain Division– the last place you would expect a mountain unit to be stationed. Selecting Fort Polk was an easy decision for me and a shocking decision for everyone else. I received a standing ovation because that meant one less Fort Polk spot for everyone else, but my fiancée (now wife) was at LSU studying civil engineering, so I didn’t really consider any other post.

I deployed to Afghanistan for 12 months in 2010, only two months after marrying the love of my life. There was a great deal of pride that I felt to be serving, but also a great deal of pain to be leaving my wife for a year. The experiences from that deployment and the large amount of support from back home formed the foundation of my desire to volunteer and give back.

My son was born in 2013 while I was stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia, and by 2014 I was transitioning off active duty. I knew that I wanted to continue to serve and found an assignment with the Ohio Army National Guard. I also found that there were a multitude of dedicated individuals who wanted to help with finding a job for a transitioning veteran.

I started working at Cardinal Health in 2014 thanks largely to the help of the veterans and military advocates within the company. After starting, I began seeing all the various charity events that were being held and knew I wanted to help as well. Over the past five years I have volunteered with various internal veteran initiatives and added 3 more children to my family. After my twins were born in October 2018, Dr. Gordon reached out and asked if I was interested in joining RLF. I was most grateful for the offer and knew it would be an amazing opportunity and a personal learning experience since I had suffered a mild traumatic brain injury from an IED blast overseas. Resurrecting Lives Foundation is among only a handful of nonprofits that bring attention to returning military who have suffered from TBI. From the Foundation’s early work to support landmark scientific research on the effects of blast waves on the brain to ongoing collaboration with businesses to raise the hiring profile of veterans, RLF shows its commitment to its mission on a regular basis.

Since joining RLF, I have seen numerous selfless individuals who seek very little recognition and give a very large amount of time

and effort to this cause. The willingness and attitude of our volunteers is nothing short of amazing. It is truly humbling and something for all of us to strive towards.

By: Seth Freshly

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