Gratitude to U.S. Veterans

November means Thanksgiving in the US, with the turkey-and-pie it implies….but it also signifies the time of year when we generally express our gratitude:  “thank you” gifts to teachers, the mail carrier, friends and neighbors; prayers at the dinner table focused on things for which we are grateful;  handshakes and hugs and carols and greeting cards to those in our lives we don’t want to forget.

The other US holiday in November is, of course, Veterans’ Day.  Fittingly, we take a day during this time late in the year to say “thank you for your service,” attend a parade, volunteer.  But the freedoms that our military has preserved for us do not expire at the end of the day each November 11.  Those freedoms – like our gratitude – are deep and unending. 

We are grateful for the young men and women who join the military looking for direction in their lives.  We are grateful for those who sign up in order to pledge their leadership to the US.  We are grateful for career military, who give a large chunk of their lives to service.  We are grateful for veterans of all wars and conflicts, for veterans who saw no action, for veterans who saw too much action.  We are grateful to veterans who came back whole, veterans who came back scarred or damaged or limbless or angry. 

Veterans, we hope you know that Resurrecting Lives Foundation is profoundly grateful to you and your families for your honor, your sacrifices, and your legacies.

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