March is TBI Awareness Month- are you aware?

March is TBI Awareness Month- are you aware?

Chrisanne Gordon, MD.

As a rehabilitation physician, Chrisanne Gordon, MD, thought she knew all about recovery after a Traumatic Brain Injury, (TBI) at least until she experienced her own. Dr. Gordon, quite literally, hit a brick wall with her head while putting up Christmas decorations. She was unconscious nearly immediately, and remained “in the dark” for about 20 minutes before she emerged, groggy and confused, and unable to speak. Her journey back to the “new normal” would take over a year – and would lead her to a new understanding about rehabilitation for brain injuries in otherwise healthy individuals.

She considers her own injury as the “boot camp” for what was to come – her work with veterans of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, which left nearly 750,000 young men and women with injuries sustained by the blast of an improvised explosive device (IED), or the explosion of a rocket propelled grenade (RPG), or even the concussive forces of heavy artillery. It took Dr. Gordon a year to recover, with all the benefits she had available as a health care provider; how much more difficult it would be for our young warriors trying to reintegrate to the civilian world and navigate the Veterans Administration. It is for these military members, veterans, and their families that Dr. Gordon shared her personal story in the book, Turn the Lights On!,” available here and on Amazon.

Dr. Gordon, founder of Resurrecting Lives Foundation, with the assistance of writer Andrew Milller, is bringing this message of hope and recovery to TV and radio to spread awareness of TBI for our military members who may be injured in training as well as combat. She discusses her own journey back from TBI, while Andrew Miller skillfully integrates the recovery stories of veterans and even athletes in very personal accounts of injuries sustained from the battlefield to the playing field. This is a book of hope, with many resources for those struggling with this injury.

If you are a veteran who is experiencing the following, understand that these signs can be an indication of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and should be taken seriously:


blurry vision

difficulty with bright light

ringing in the ears

excessive tiredness

memory loss or poor concentration

Symptoms like this can still be present months after the injury occurs. If you or someone you know complains about these symptoms, seek medical help.

Several pages of national and local resources are also included in the book. TBI is treatable and manageable when given proper attention. If you need more information, or if you wish to comment on any of the programs below, please contact us at

Turn the Lights On! is a book of hope, with many resources for those struggling with this injury. To watch or listen to these brief but powerful radio and tv discussions, follow the links below.



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