RLF Employment Initiative 2019

By Kevin Decot

Kevin Decot has joined RLF as our new Employment Director, managing the Foundation’s employment initiative. Decot recently retired from corporate America after spending 35 years in various leadership positions, including human resources, quality control and specification control.

I was asked recently why I joined RLF as the Employment Director. My response was simply, “I have a deep respect for our veterans and want to advocate for them.” My clinical experience in complementary medicine (i.e., Traditional Chinese Medicine) as well as human resources/ talent management provides me a unique opportunity to give back to our veteran community.

Partnering with RLF founder Chrisanne Gordon, MD, we have developed a “Re-integration Model” which will serve as RLF’s holistic approach to employment with a veteran-centric focus. This focus will be to establish community partners (and resources) that will deliver an integrated care model to our veterans. These components will include behavioral health, financial counseling, mind-body-soul therapies, community connectivity (via technology) and peer support.

Employment is an integral part in the reintegration process and helps to affirm a sense of mission. Therefore, we are collaborating with major employers such as Honda of America to provide employment opportunities to our veterans with TBI/PTSD barriers. We are excited and very encouraged by the many burgeoning relationships and collaborations in this important endeavor. Stay tuned for future updates!

Chrisanne Gordon, MD
Founder, Resurrecting Lives Foundation

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