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Ohio Cyclist Inspired to Ride for Veterans

Doug Chivington is combining his passion for ultra-distance cycling and supporting military veterans into a yearlong quest to educate others about traumatic brain injuries and the mission of the Resurrecting Lives Foundation.

Chivington, 59, of Bellefontaine, Ohio, will participate in several ultra-distance cycling events –each 100 miles or more – to raise funds for RLF.  To donate, visit our special website addition, or use your mobile phone to text “GoDoug” to 44321.

A lifelong runner and cyclist, Chivington has focused on ultra-distance cycling for about 10 years. He has been able to train full-time after retiring in March from Honda of America, where he was a human resources manager. While at Honda, he met RLF founder, Dr. Chrisanne Gordon, when she spoke to company officials about hiring veterans. His interest in helping veterans is motivated by his son’s combat injury suffered in 2006 while he was serving in Iraq. His son has recovered but Chivington said he became an advocate for veterans with such injuries. “God has given me the talent to sit on a bicycle for a long period of time,” he said. “I would like to ride with a purpose and support our Veterans.”In addition to the Foundation, he is also sponsored by Cycle Zone, a bicycle shop, and BRL Sports Nutrition.

Chivington is looking to set a state record for his age group (50-59) for the World UltraCycling Association when he sets out on September 11 from the Cincinnati Zoo to the Toledo Zoo. In 2020 he plans to participate in at least four ultra-distance cycling events and hopes to raise at least $50,000 for the foundation. He also plans to meet with veterans and create a cycling team for the foundation. “It will be mentally and physically challenging to do these events and there is a connection with veterans because recovering from a traumatic brain injury is mentally and physically challenging,” he said. “I don’t want them to give up.”

The foundation believes he can accomplish his goals, said Dr. Gordon. “It is incredible,” she said. “We are so grateful for his efforts and proud to be a part of his journey.”

Ohio Every Day Heroes in our midst

Ohio’s third annual Every Day Heroes campaign has selected Resurrecting Lives Foundation founder Dr. Chrisanne Gordon as a finalist, along with 4 other Ohio residents.  The initiative, co-sponsored by the Columbus Dispatch/Dispatch Media Group, the Columbus Foundation, the United Way of Central Ohio, the Columbus Center of Science and Industry, and CME Federal Credit Union, will name a Dispatch Media Group Hero at a luncheon on October 1.  The series focuses on people who live in the Columbus area and “quietly work to heal, unite and improve our communities.”

RLF programs to bring SAD lights to Fisher House Alaska veterans and to drive meditation techniques as a coping mechanism for veterans with TBI or PTSD were highlighted in the Every Day Heroes publications.  Congratulations to the finalists, semifinalists, and all of the heroes we work with every day.

Dr.Gordon Featured as a Cardinal Mooney High School (Youngstown, Ohio) Outstanding Alumnus

As a way to spotlight Mooney graduates and their accomplishments, service, and focus on the school’s tradition of “Sanctity, Scholarship, and Discipline,” Cardinal Mooney High School has begun a website series featuring outstanding alumni.  Dr. Gordon was honored recently in the Alumni Spotlight, where she credited her teachers as “brilliant and dedicated men and women who…. decided to utilize their talents in the Catholic School system to shape lives, communities, and a nation.” She cited her years at the school as “the ‘boot camp for the mission she would eventually embrace.

Lifting up our Veterans

Resurrecting Lives Foundation supported Lifting up our Veterans, a Union County (Ohio) mental health program held in August that was aimed at local veterans.  The Mental Health and Recovery Board of Union County and the local Veterans Service Office sponsored the 2-hour workshop because of an increase in local veteran suicides.  More than 3000 veterans reside in the county.

The program focused on TBI and PTSD, and featured information on how to help spot warning signs of mental health trouble and where and how to find resources.  RLF founder Dr. Gordon was the guest speaker along with Ohio State Senator Dave Burke.

Seventh Annual Scopus Sedge Fest!

If you are in or near Scopus, Missouri on October 12, seek out the good times at this annual fundraiser in the little town with the  big heart.  Every year, Scopus residents band together to stage a music festival, sell country favorite foods (and lemonade!), hold an
auction, and play games –including the infamous Chicken Poop Bingo.  In the process, they raise some money and give it all away to organizations that help kids and vets, all in memory of their dear friend Warren Miller.  This year, the fun starts at 11:00 am, auction starts at 2:30, and the 3-band concert featuring Curtis Cook and the Damn Band, Silver Fox, and Route 67, starts at 5 pm.  Proceeds from the day benefit RLF and the Heartland Down Syndrome Association.  We thank Scopus again for keeping us close.

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