RLF Salutes Thoroughbred Racing and NBC’s Coverage of the 152nd Belmont Stakes

On June 20th, 2020, the 152nd Belmont Stakes was run. NBC Sports reporter Tim Layden covered the famous horse race with a thought provoking and deeply touching article, available here.

Our founder, Dr. Chrisanne Gordon, was so moved by the eloquent connection made between horse racing and the spirit of the nation that she just had to reach out. Read her message to NBC is below:


I have a…Compliment

It’s about something on NBC.

Subject: Tim Layden – Sports writer/healer

Message: As a physician working with our young veterans struggling with Traumatic Brain Injuries and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder I have a heartfelt THANK YOU to Mr. Tim Layden and NBC sports for their coverage of the Belmont Stakes. Mr. Layden, with the recent events in our nation: the pandemic of illness both physical and societal, our veterans non-profit foundation has been assisting with a huge uptick in the amount of anxiety, despair, hopelessness and exhaustion in our young veterans. I have, in fact, grown increasingly concerned about the brain health of many veterans who have been facing further isolation since early 2020. As you know, the US military is the most diverse population in our nation, and these young men/women are willing to give their lives for their brothers and sisters, as well as for us, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other distinct marking used to divide populations. They depend on each other; they offer their lives in our service.

In rehab medicine we learn, and I instinctively feel, the healing power of horses. Their strength, patience, competitive spirit, beauty and sheer determination are all attributes that our veterans, themselves, display. You, Mr. Layden, by your amazing opening segment about the Belmont Stakes, brought our veterans, and, in fact, our nation together. Your piece was the most beautifully written and the most engaging and encouraging segment witnessed in years; a landmark literary moment.

KUDOS to you, Mr. Layden. You not only calmed our veterans; you calmed our nation with phases like:
“eerie silence captured the mood of an uneasy nation” followed by AMERICA WATCHES and that even something “different and novel” can be a good thing. PURE LITERARY GENIUS

The mood of our veterans changed with your words. Your command of the writing as well as your command of the presentation was that of compassionate leadership.

You instilled the most important human emotion on Saturday, Mr. Layden, you gave us HOPE. Many thanks for your inspirational words and your exceptional delivery.

With sincere admiration for your talent, and gratitude for your timely message,

Chrisanne Gordon, MD
Founder, Resurrecting Lives Foundation
Dublin, Ohio


Check out the photos below from Resurrecting Lives Foundation at the 2019 Santa Anita Breeder’s Cup

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