Team Chivington: Riding for Veterans

Doug Chivington seems to be motivated by one thing: helping veterans. Each week he gets on his bike and rides over 2000 miles to build his endurance and train for his upcoming competition. Just like the postal service, through rain, wind and snow- you can find Doug out on the road, cycling.

You may be asking, “What drives someone to do that?”, especially during those cold Ohio winters. Doug has one response for those who want to know, “veterans”. Both of Doug’s sons have served over seas and one is currently deployed. Those who are part of a military family know that when a loved one is in the service, the whole family is enlisted. While not a veteran himself, Doug decided long ago that he wanted to find a way to give back to the veteran community, especially after his own sons’ experiences. So, one day, he decided to combine his passion of cycling with his desire to give back. Team Chivington was born in 2019 and has been gaining speed ever since.

Fast forward to February 2020, where Doug competed in a 24-hour race in Florida. The Sebring 24 Hour hosted by the World Ultra Cycling Association was a 250-mile race with world class athletes. Doug placed third in his division and best of all, raised money for veterans along the way.

Since founding Team Chivington, Doug has raised over $6700 for Resurrecting Lives Foundation. He collects donations from businesses and friends in his community, but also from complete strangers. We at Resurrecting Lives are so proud and honored to be his non-profit of choice and cannot thank him enough for his work. To donate to the cause, visit and click the “Go Doug” tab or TEXT “GO DOUG” to 44-321

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