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Sleep Study Opportunity

If you are experiencing insomnia, or difficult sleeping, as a result of your TBI incurred during your service to our nation, then you are invited to participate  in a study hosted by Uniformed Services University

Dr. David Brody, who supported RLF’s original TBI research protocols at Albert Einstein College of Medicine with Dr. Michael Lipton, is in charge of this study, and he invited any RLF veterans to participate. 

The basics are these:

  1. Time Commitment – 1 – 2 hrs/week for 9 weeks
  2. Totally online information and treatment for sleep disorder
  3. Opportunity to assist both with your own health issues as well as be part of a larger study which will assist your brothers and sisters – now, and in the future. 
  4. Please contact study personnel on the flyers for more information.

Fliers are posted under the “More Information” buttons.

In 2021 RLF and Team Chivington are partnering with the Chillicothe, Ohio V A to donate Bicycle helmets for a Veterans Bike Share Program.  This local program was awarded “Best innovation” within the VA System at the national level in 2019. Through generous donations to Team  Chivington, we will be supplying bicycle helmets, branded with both RLF and Team Chivington logos to any veteran participating in the Chillicothe VA Bike Share Program. This wonderful program gets veterans outdoors, exercising and back to a sense of community by riding with fellow veterans – all while protecting their brains!

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