Advocating for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury

In November 2021, Coach Lou Holtz and Retired Chicago Blackhawks player Daniel Carcillo were awarded with the first annual Think Different Awards by RLF. We thank them for their continued support of veterans with TBI. Click below to watch their acceptance speeches.

In 2020, Artist and songwriter Timothy Baechle wrote and composed the song Brainstorms, to encapsulate the turbulent journey of veterans experiencing a traumatic brain injury. The song transcends veterans and resonates with anyone who has battled and triumphed over personal demons and the tragedies that life deals us. Citizen patriot, Sergio Ciccone graciously took the song and set it to scenes of a soldier’s life. This holiday season, we hope you remember the sacrifice of our veterans and the brainstorms that they may encounter daily – and make 2022 the year that we take action and bring the Morning Light to their lives.

Our Mission


To coordinate & advocate for the successful transition to a post-military career & life for veterans with TBI


Give now to our final campaign of 2020 by texting “VETS2020” to 44-321 

We Envision

A near future when veterans with TBI are properly diagnosed & supported throughout their successful transition following the military.

“Through the meditation training program funded by RLF, I became human again, came back from the dead; I was resurrected. I am a better teacher, a better father, a better husband.”
Corey O’Brien US Army & Ohio National Guard Veteran

Resurrect a Hero – Strengthen a Nation

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